Welcome, gorgeous readers, to my website. I hope you’ll find something here to tantalise, arouse and excite you! Please stay a while and have a browse.

You’ll find all of my books listed here. I enjoy writing across the spectrum of erotica, but I especially enjoy paranormal erotica, historical and sexy fantasy/fairy tale stories. I write predominantly m/f, but do have a few m/m stories under my belt!

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I love to hear from my readers. You can contact me at: verityvixxen@gmail.com

Pleasure yourself with words today.  Verity xxx

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32 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Verity,
    I just finished reading your book A slave for the demon, book #1.
    I absolutely loved it. Your wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.

    Your new fan, Julie.

    I attempted to sign up for your email but had a issue with the captcha.

    1. That’s strange; I use MailChimp for my newsletters – they are normally pretty reliable! If you’d like me to join you up from the ‘back end’ just drop me an email at verityvixxen at gmail dot com, letting me know your email address and I’ll add you to our mailing list (and get you your codes for TWO free books!)

    1. Hi Mona, thanks for dropping by to comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed my dino series – it was a real blast to write! I can’t promise anything, but I’d love to go back and see what Dionna gets up to next – it’s part of the reason I left the end of the series unfinished. I tend to go where my muse takes me, so when she says its time, we’ll be back in Dino Valley!

  2. Hi there , i,ve just finished reading, lust on high seas , very horny, and well written porno .
    And you,re a woman ? You describe so well the male submission feelings …..
    I would like te read more gay stories !

  3. Just finished reading Book 6 of Lust of the High Seas…
    It is a great read and keeps the excitement going and the adventures of Will Sharpe get more intriguing and intensely intimate with lots of curves.
    The story line is great in this book and gives a new view the private lives.
    Awesome and good book to keep.

  4. I realy love you books. The details are so fasinating and it’s a defenate page Turner. I think I am addicted! !! Please don’t stop writing ever!!!!!!

  5. Hi Verity: I completed the “Billionaire” series when I was on vacation; a thoroughly enjoyable read! I was delighted with the characters, and was able to be immersed in the story! I did notice on the new 2017 book list for September “Dr. Who ” erotica. Will you base this erotica off the series or is this a different endeavor? I was out of state for a sci-fi representation matter; I would be honored if you need any research pro bono. Contact me by email anytime I can be of assistance or to chat. Always: Sharon

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