About Verity Vixxen

You’ll find Verity wherever hot sex can be had. Sometimes, that’s the mundane world, but more often than not, you’ll find her deep in a fantasy of her own creation, in exotic, erotic locations, and distant worlds.

Whether you’re being swept off your feet by lusty pirates, taken by the t-rex, or pounded by aliens, Verity writes to immerse you in a sexual world of hard loving that will leave you panting for more.

Verity aims to arouse your mind, as well as your body, with well-crafted stories, sexy heroes and heroines, and lots of steamy, steamy sex.

Verity is co-founder of Spice eBooks.

Verity loves to hear from you. If you have a special story request, she’d love to hear it. You can contact Verity here: verityvixxen@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Verity Vixxen

  1. Verity, you’ve ruined me. My whole life I’ve lusted after fiction like yours, and now I’ve found it! The High Seas titles have done me in. So steamy, so hot, and very manly. What I like the best is that you talk about the way the men smell and taste without reservation. So many other writers have incredible detail, and are way deep into the history, but insist the men be gentlemen, or that they are magically doused with a sail of rainwater just before sex. Woman, you give us the nitty gritty, down ‘n dirty, and I love you for it! more, More, MORE! Thanks for ruining me.

    1. Wow Graeme – its comments like yours that inspire me to keep writing – so glad you’re enjoying the series – it’s given me a lot of pleasure to write in Will’s skin, even if he doesn’t always make the best choices!

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