A Slave for the Demon 2

A Slave for the Demon 2
Series: Paranormal Demon Lust, Book 2
Genres: demon erotica, m/f erotica, monster porn
Tags: alpha, bareback, bdsm, Erotic Short, m/f, monster porn, paranormal
Publisher: Spice Ebooks
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 8000

M/F paranormal demon monster BDSM erotica. Spice Level - scorching! Features whips, chains, dominance and submission

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About the Book

A young slave woman from the mine pits, chosen as a sacrifice.

A demon of insatiable lust.

What will happen when he takes her as his own? 

I have been taken by the demon. I have ridden him and he has marked me as his own. I am his, body and soul. My only desire is to serve him and I long to have him between my thighs once again.

When Master Asim informs me that my demon will not return for another month, I know I cannot possibly wait that long. Using all my feminine wiles, I convince Asim to summon my demon lover.

But our demon is not a master who likes to be called upon. When he reaches the mortal plane, he is furious. He intends to teach me a lesson, one that involves whips and chains, pleasure and pain. The monster will remind me of my submission. It is a lesson that will test my limits. It is a lesson I will never forget. For the pleasure the demon offers is so much sweeter than anything I have ever known.

This story features BDSM elements; whips, chains, dominance and submission. It also features voyeurism, back door play , a demon with a very, very large appendage, and a pair of imps who like to join in on the action. Not to be read by the faint of heart.

This short story is 8000 words. It is the second part in a three-part series.

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