Teasing The Billionaire

Teasing The Billionaire
Series: Lust. Desire. Secrets. Obsession, Book 3
Genres: billionaire erotica, contemporary erotica, erotic romance, m/f erotica
Tags: alpha, billionaire, cheating, f/f, love triangle, m/f, menage, urban, voyeurism
Publisher: Spice Ebooks
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 30000

Part 3 of a sexy, steamy, Alpha Billionaire erotic series

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About the Book

Alicia Mellor wants money & a man to give it to her, but nothing’s gone right for her, ever since she met billionaire Hawk Kinsey and the mysterious Chris Lyre.
After a disastrous date with Hawk and the discovery of her voyeuristic encounter by her boyfriend-slash-con, David, Alicia just wants to move on. But it would seem that neither Chris or Hawk, or even David are prepared to let her go.

Can Alicia find a way to negotiate the dangerous waters of lust, desire and obsession ? And what dark secrets will she uncover along the way?
This book features very steamy scenes, including m/f, f/f, threesome / menage and voyeurism. It uses strong language and imagery suitable for mature audiences.

I step out of the elevator and walk towards my apartment. I see the bundle by my door immediately. A huge bunch of at least three-dozen red roses cover the welcome mat outside my front door. I sweep up the flowers, wondering who they’re from.
David wouldn’t send me flowers, would he?
Would Chris?
Or could they be from Barney?
There’s a small envelope attached, and I open it and take out the little white card. I read it twice and each time my breath catches in my throat.

Last night opened my eyes to my true feelings for you. I must see you again.

I read the message a third time just to make sure that my eyes aren’t deceiving me.
This has got to be a joke.
I left Hawk Kinsey, the eldest son of Australia’s richest family, blue-balling and holding his … in the middle of Sydney’s most exclusive restaurant, and he still wants to see me? This guy has got to be crazy!
I give a little shiver as I think about Hawk, those sharp hazel eyes, and his gaze that cuts through me. His arrogance is offset by his amazing body and his perfect dress sense. And his billions of dollars.
Why on earth would he want to see me again?
I smile as I think about it. Perhaps my instinct was right. Hawk is an Alpha Male, a man who has gotten everything he ever wanted from the moment he was born. Women throw themselves at him and beg him to f them.
Everything is easy for Hawk.
Except me.
I’m the girl who said ‘no’. And now Hawk is the hunter and I am the prey.
I unlock my door and am about to go inside when a small aqua box drops from the bouquet of roses onto the carpeted hallway floor.
I bend down and pick it up. It’s marked ‘Tiffany & Co’.
I open it with trembling hands. Inside is a necklace and pendant. I lift it in my fingers, and diamonds flash in the light. The platinum pendant is flower-shaped with a huge diamond in its centre surrounded by rows and rows of smaller diamonds. There’s got to be at least a carrot’s worth of diamonds in this necklace. I wonder at the cost of the thing.
Fifteen thousand at least, I guess.
I notice a little note attached inside the top of the box in a bold, scrawled hand.
Wear this and think of me. Next time we’re together, I’m going to pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams.

I look at the stunning pendant and the cheeky note.
A wave of anger floods over me.
Who the hell does this guy think he is?
Sure, he’s a billionaire with more money than I could ever dream of. Sure, he’s got superstar good looks, and a wardrobe to match. But I will not take someone trying to buy me off like a cheap hooker!
I march inside with the roses, and dump them on kitchen bench, still seething.
Hawk doesn’t give a damn about me.
All he cares about is the thrill of the chase. He’s going to do anything and everything in his power to seduce me and once he’s had his way, he’ll discard me just as he did Annette the other night, sending her off with a peck on the cheek. I’m kidding myself if I think any differently. My friend Rachel might have found a rich guy to marry, but that just doesn’t happen in my world.
Screw Hawk Kinsey!

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