It’s Almost Here: Compelling The Billionaire: Lust. Desire. Secrets. Obsession Book 7


It’s almost here folks – Compelling the Billionaire, the final installment of the Lust. Desire. Secrets. Obsession series,  is undergoing its final round of edits and I hope to have it up on Amazon for a very short pre-order period (and through KDP select) really soon (in the next week or so). I’ll be offering a special deal for those who buy pre-order, so if that interests you, please do sign up to my mailing list so that you don’t miss out!

Thanks for all of you who’ve stuck with me while I write this series – it’s been a labor of love and ended up being so much bigger than I originally anticipated (I’d written the draft of the series as a trilogy and it grew from there). It’s taken a year to complete, and the entire series clocks in at nearly 170,000 words (which is very nearly the equivalent of a trilogy of full-length romance/erotica novels!)

And thanks to all of you who’ve written to let me know you enjoy my writing and to those of you who’ve left positive reviews. I couldn’t do it without you – you buoy me through the ‘down’ times, when I wonder if anyone likes what I’ve written, if I ought to be writing at all.

Love, Verity xxx



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