New Release: Choosing The Billionaire (Alpha Billionaire Erotic Romance) by Verity Vixxen

Part 6 in a hot and steamy alpha billionaire romance series!

ChoosingTheBillionaireTHUMBSo, it comes down to this: the money or the man of Alicia’s dreams. But little does Alicia know the truth, and what’s really at stake. Will she follow her heart or her head? Will she choose the realbillionaire? Or will circumstances beyond her control force her to make a decision that might cost her everything?
The sixth instalment in the Lust. Desire. Secrets. Obsession series features rear entry, m/f, m/f/m ménage threesome, and voyeurism. It uses very strong language and imagery and is suitable only for mature audiences.



A sexy excerpt: 

Chris takes the opportunity to go to work on my neck. As he did in my dream, he kisses down my jawline before going lower to suck on my nape. His hands continue to knead my buttocks, but he seems in no hurry.

I yelp with surprise when he finally lifts me, setting me down on the glass-topped table, his mouth still never more than an inch from my throat. I groan, wanting him so badly, it hurts.

‘You see, Alicia,’ he whispers. His hot breath tickles my ear, making me shiver with anticipation. ‘We’re made for each other.’ His hands slide up over my thighs and he caresses my breasts through the thin fabric of my dress.

I’m so horny, I’m happy to let his comment slide without correcting it. Our bodies might be in sync, but our lives are so different. He wants a girlfriend, something I have no interest in being. So, I ignore the comment, focusing instead on the feel of his fingers as they brush my nipples, enjoying the delicious agony of waiting for him to enter me.

‘Alicia, there’s something I have to tell you.’ Chris pulls away from me a little bit, his intense blue gaze aimed squarely in my direction. His hands snake up, and come to rest on the back of my neck.

‘You’ve got a billion dollars in the bank,’ I joke.

Chris doesn’t laugh. ‘This is serious, Alicia. Please, be serious for once.’

I gaze up at him, his handsome face, chiseled chin, tight body and beautiful, blond hair. And those lips! I could kiss this man forever. I’m hot just thinking about it. ‘It can wait. Tell me in an hour, after you’ve done lots of nasty things to me.’ I pull my legs up, spreading them wide, giving him a good view of my hairless hole, ready and waiting, and just inches from his cock. Just in case he needs more encouragement, I slide a finger down my slit and rub circles around my clit in a way that drives most men wild.

Indecision mars Chris’s features. It must be pretty serious if he’s holding back. I thought Chris was stalling just to drive me wild, but now I wonder if he wasn’t stalling because he had this important thing to tell me.

I suddenly have a premonition of something awful. Whatever Chris is going to say, I have a feeling I’m not going to like it.

‘Alicia, I need you to hear this. I need you to listen.’ He swallows.

I let my legs slide back to the floor, and nod my head. With his hands still holding my neck, our faces are only inches away from each other. Dread fills my stomach at his impending words. I don’t really want to hear what he’s going to say. I don’t know how I know, but something about the way he’s looking at me makes me feel that whatever he says next will change everything forever.


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