New Release: Daring the Billionaire (Steamy Alpha Billionaire Erotica) Book 2 by Verity Vixxen

Part 2 in a steamy, billionaire alpha romance series! (Part 1 is free!) 

DaringTheBillionaireTHUMBMeet Alicia, she’s 22, sexy, and sassy. She’s also loaded. At least, that’s what she tells the rich boys she dates. But Alicia has a secret, one that she keeps all to herself; she’s not really a millionaire with dead parents and money tied up in Swiss bank accounts. She’s really a poor girl from the outer suburbs of Sydney, and she uses her con to bleed rich men of their money.
Alicia has just snuck into the party of alpha billionaire Hawk Kinsey, the newly returned eldest son of Australia’s wealthiest tycoon. But it has all gone horribly wrong; Alicia couldn’t get within ten feet of Hawk except to spy on him in a ménage a trois with two other girls, and after too many glasses of champagne, she has slept with one of the waiters!

Things might look bad now, but they’re about to get a whole lot worse…

This book contains very, very steamy scenes, including voyeurism and public displays. It uses very strong language and imagery and is suitable only for mature audiences.


I awaken and blink my bleary eyes. I can’t remember where I am.
Oh God. Yes I can.
Sure enough, I’m lying naked on a Chesterfield lounge inside the Kinsey family’s library. I’m in their mansion that dominates expansive grounds in Kirribilli. They are only Australia’s most influential family. Arthur Kinsey owns most of Australia’s media, TV and newspapers, and his wife, Rita, is an influential politician in a major political party.
I check my watch.
I groan and sit up. The gorgeous waiter I slept with last night is nowhere to be seen.
So much for being a gentleman.
My head pounds from all the alcohol I drank and my … is throbbing too. How many times did we… last night? Was it only two? He must have been huge to have made me so sore. I can hardly remember. I was too drunk. What I can remember, though…
My … clenches at images of that waiter’s gorgeous body and the feel of his rock-hard muscles pressing against me. His kisses had been soft but full of need, and his technique…I sigh to myself as I think of it.
It was one hell of a ride.
I stand up and stretch, running fingers through the bird’s nest of my hair. I must look a sight. My hair feels like a mess, and I bet my makeup has run everywhere. I need a mirror.
The creak of the library’s door freezes me in place. I look around urgently but there’s no way I can reach my dress in time. There’s not even enough seconds to duck behind the couch before whoever’s coming in sees me.
The door swings open and I feel my face flushing.
Will it be one of the family’s maids? Will she scream when she spies an uninvited, naked woman in the middle of the library? Will she call the cops? That’s the last thing I need.
My mind is running crazily, and I’m almost relieved when the intruder enters and I see that it’s only the waiter from last night. He’s changed out of the penguin suit he wore last evening, and now wears a plain black t-shirt and jeans. His light hair is plastered back from his face as though he’s just had a shower.
He gives me a wide smile when he sees me.
I can’t help but smile back. It’s impossible, but somehow he seems even sexier than yesterday. Perhaps I thought I’d imagined just how good-looking he is. With mussy, ash-blond hair, startling blue eyes and perfect teeth, he could be a model.
And that body! Now I know what I’m looking for, I can see the hard muscles beneath his loose T-shirt, and the shapely curves of his biceps.
I recall running my hands all over his smooth skin and the feel of his ridged abs beneath my searching fingers.
‘Morning, Alicia!’ he says.

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