Surprised sexy housewife    I hate to blow you off…but it looks like you came too early!

The title you’re looking for hasn’t been released yet (but it’s not far away!) Seamen and Secrets and Love and Lust at the Last Interplanetary Whorehouse: Part 2 Electric Dreams will be released 2017.


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57 thoughts on “OOPS!

  1. Good morning,Good afternoon,Good evening,
    Gentleman or to who it may concern,
    Do you5breathtaking Gorgeous have a estimation of how much longer on the Book 5….Lust on the High Seas…
    Thank you for your assistance
    FYI….Awesome story so far…Wonderful Wonderfully writing…Great…

    1. I’m so sorry to keep you waiting for Part 5. Changes to KU (Amazon) have meant some recategorisation of my books this month which has eaten into my writing time. I’m also working hard to make sure Part 5 is just the right amount of sizzling and sensual, which has required a little reworking. I promise I’m working hard to get it up ASAP!

  2. hi I don’t mean to be rude but we’ve been waiting since June for book #5 of Lust on the high seAs 🙁 you usually never take this long…when I’ll it come out??

  3. Awesome…..Can’t wait to get a thrill of my life….The other books were outstanding and I am sure that the next installment will just as exciting as the whole story is.

  4. Today is October 5th, and you said it’s coming out in September. Does that mean that it’s already out,and just not posted to your website yet?

    1. Hi John – Part 5 is now out – thanks so much for your patience! Its up on Smashwords at the moment, and will be released on all channels in the next day or two (depending on how long they take to get it up for me). In the meantime, I’d love for you to have a copy for free. Grab it on Smashwords here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/585811 and use code EA28C to get it for nothing! (valid until 31st October).

    1. Hi there! Risking the Billionaire is written and ready to go – I’m giving it a last edit and hope to have it up for christmas. Thanks for waiting so patiently and I’m so glad you are enjoying the series!

  5. I’m sorry for being rude, but whats taking so long with Pounded by Pirates?? It’s such a great series but it takes so long for another installment to come out :/

    1. Hi Kristy – thanks for dropping by! Choosing the Billionaire is sitting at around 20000 words at the moment, with a bit more to write! I’m planning this to be the biggest and hottest novella in the series!

  6. Looking forward to “Choosing The Billionaire” Hope it comes out soon! I have thoroughly enjoyed this series.

  7. Verity I loved the billonaire serie. The most I loved was were 5 full of great reading but book 6 choosing the billionaire has been very disappointed see how you as writer irrespect us as readers with that book, I had greater expectations with the “final” in book 6, so sad it did not happen and think I lost the morivation for it.

    1. Hi Monica, I’m really sorry to hear that you were disappointed that there will be another book in the series – I never set out to disrespect any of my readers, and although I plotted ‘Billionaire’ to the best of my ability the story blew out at the end, and I really felt that readers would prefer me to break the final book in two so that they could have an installment now, rather than wait another month or two for me to finish up the whole story. Book 7 WILL be the absolute final book and conclusion. Monica, drop me an email at verityvixxen@gmail.com, and I will gladly send you the final book at no charge as soon as it becomes available, and I’m sorry again to have disappointed you.

  8. Verity thanks for your message and offer, i really appreciate it and I undertood your view. Hoping an excited final for this serie , I really going to enjoy read all the books again and again!

  9. I’ve been waiting for two cabin boys and a captain for so long!!!! I don’t mean to rush you but please hurry, I’m getting impatient and I want it now!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Matt – I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series! As for part 7 – it will be out *soon*. My muse can be a fickle bitch at times – I’m hoping she’ll join me on a boat soon!

  10. I love the Lust on the High Seas series! So much excitement, sex & angst all rolled together. I feel like I’ve waited forever for Book 7 & now I anxiously await Book 8. I’m rooting for Will & Jon!! I hope love will prevail (after lots more sexy scenes of course )

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