New Release: Done By The Deinonychus (M/F Dinosaur Erotica) by Verity Vixxen

DionnaDoesDeinoFINALTHUMBFinally, just the thing you’ve been waiting for – Dino Erotica with a story line. Because character development is really, really important in Dino Erotica.

Pumped by a Pterodactyl, and pounded by a Plesiosaurus, 27-year-old champion rock-climber, Dionna Donalson has gotten way more dinosaur than she bargained for in Dino Valley. When she returns to HQ, she finds the handsome Professor Tomlin waiting and ready for her. But something else is ready for her in Dino Valley, a group of very randy Deinonychuses, who hunt in packs, and intend to take her all at once. Can Dionna handle four horny dinosaurs at the same time?

This book features erotic dinosaur love.