New Release: Risking The Billionaire (Alpha Billionaire Erotic Romance) by Verity Vixxen

Part 5 in a hot and steamy alpha billionaire romance series!


Hawk Kinsey never loses. And he’s prepared to go to any lengths to get Alicia Mellor into his bed. When Hawk offers Alicia a contract, it would seem that Alicia will have her happy ending after all.

The contract is simple: 24 hours. No limits. The payout? Five million dollars.
It’s what Alicia’s always dreamed of. Financial independence and all for the price of a ‘fun-filled’ day!
So why is Alicia still hesitating to sign?
And why can’t she get Chris out of her head?
This fifth instalment in the Lust. Desire. Secrets. Obsession series features spanking, D&M, m/f, voyeurism, forced bondage and back door play. It uses very strong language and imagery and is suitable only for mature audiences.



I arrive at the hotel and march up to the receptionist, feeling just a little apprehensive that maybe Harry hasn’t come. ‘I’m here to pick up a key. Under the name of Naughtypants.’
The male receptionist tries not to grin as he checks his book.
As if anyone could forget that sort of name!
‘Ah, here we. Naughtypants. Deluxe Grand Harbourview Room. Yes, Mr Naughtypants has already gone up, and he has left a key for…Miss Alicia?’
I have to give it to the receptionist, he has managed to say all that with only the hint of a smile on his face.
‘That would be me,’ I reply.
‘Room 2104,’ he says.
I take the swipe key and head for the elevators. In no time at all, I’m making my way to room 2104 along the corridor.
I take a deep breath, getting in character before rapping smartly on the door.
Harry opens it and smiles.
I take a moment to let my gaze sweep across him. He’s changed for the role too. He’s wearing a white collared shirt, bowtie and suspenders holding up his black pants. He looks quite cute!
I raise an eyebrow behind my thick, black-rimmed glasses. ‘Hello, Nigel,’ I say, in my sternest voice. ‘Fancy finding you here. Did you think I wouldn’t locate you hiding out in a hotel?’ I push my way past him and into the room. ‘You are in big trouble. Very big trouble, Nigel. The Principal is ready to expel you for your behavior. What do you have to say for yourself?’ I cock my head to the side and put my hands on my hips, waiting.
Harry’s eyes go wide as though all his dreams have come true. For a moment, I think he’ll say how nice I look, or how much he’s looking forward to what’s about to happen. But instead he hunches over and casts his eyes downwards. ‘I’m sorry, Miss.’ His voice is just a little bit squeaky when he speaks. ‘It won’t happen again. Please. I don’t want to get expelled.’ He glances up at me, eyes shining with excitement.
I tap my chin, as though deep in thought. ‘I’ll see what I can do about your expulsion. But, I’m afraid, Nigel, that you are going to have to be punished.’
‘Yes, Miss,’ Harry replies. He kicks his foot out in front of him like a young boy would. It makes me wonder how many of these scenarios he’s watched on pornos, and how many times he’s fantasized about this.
‘So,’ I say. ‘The first thing I’m going to need is a chair. Nigel, fetch me that one.’ I point across the room to the desk and chair.
Harry bounds across the room, eager to do my bidding and drags the chair over.
I sit down on it as daintily as I can. But instead of crossing my legs I let them fall open, giving Harry a good view of my crotch-less red thong and what lies beneath. I can see him already stiffening inside his schoolboy’s trousers.
‘A drink, Nigel,’ I snap. ‘Hurry up.’
‘What would you like, Miss Alicia?’ Harry whines, pointing towards the minibar.
I nod my head when I see the ice bucket and the bottle of champagne chilling within. ‘Champagne.’

5 thoughts on “New Release: Risking The Billionaire (Alpha Billionaire Erotic Romance) by Verity Vixxen

    1. Hi Tara,

      I’ve just finished writing Book 6 and it’s over 22,000 delicious words! I’m hoping to give it a good edit this week, and make it available for pre-order next week! So sorry to have kept you waiting!

        1. Hi Tara! I was always planning it to be a 6 book series, but there was just too much deliciousness to fit in one volume – so it will be a 7 book series, with the finale coming in Book 7, Compelling the Billionaire.

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